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UTS ProgSoc 2020 AGM

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UTS ProgSoc 2020 AGM

Today, I was elected into the ProgSocUTS executive team in 2021 as an Event Coordinator. As a part of the ProgSoc team, my main role will consist of; creating, organizing, and scheduling events for ProgSoc in the year to come. I will additionally have other responsibilities including handling communications with other societies, sponsors, and universities. This has definitely put pressure on me to perform to the best of my abilities to help transform ProgSoc further into a more active and engaging society and I will put in the effort to make this expectation a realization.

I'd like to thank the 2020 executive team for keeping up the great work in running events and being an active society as a whole, especially during this global pandemic. In addition, I'd also like to thank them for pushing me, and all the liaisons into more leadership roles throughout the year, trusting us to achieve our best as well as sparking my and many others' interests in society as a whole.

Here's hoping the new 2021 team will be able to carry the torch with the same brightness as the 2020 executives have done this year and achieve a term. I'd like to welcome aboard the rest of the executive members and I hope to have an engaging and rewarding year working with all of you in the near future.