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The Final Bug

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Amidst the code, a battlefield,

The software dev does not yield,

75 defects on the wall,

The bug basher stands tall.

A pull request, it doth await,

But the tech lead's tears, they can't abate,

For every line of code must be,

Sifted through with scrutiny.

The EM's rage, it doth ignite,

A pressure that burns oh so bright,

As embers dance amidst the air,

The dev must struggle, with utmost care.

Suffocating from the smoke,

The dev persists, it's no joke,

For the project, though deemed complete,

Has bugs that lurk beneath.

Oh software dev, with heart so true,

Your battle scars, they do ensue,

But through the struggle, you do prevail,

For your efforts, they shall not fail.

And in the end, when all is done,

The bugs, they vanish, one by one,

A feat that others can't ignore,

For you, oh dev, have won the war.