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Founding The UTS Cloud Society

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UTS ProgSoc 2020 AGM

Today, along with my co-founders, I attended the Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) of the Cloud Computing Society.

Our society's purpose is to educate & make Cloud Computing more accessible to students in both the technical and affordability aspects. Whilst at UTS & many other universities, they strive to do their best for their students. In the Computer Science & IT sector, a vastly important, but sadly under-taught area is Cloud Computing.

Through this society, I and my fellow Co-founders hope that we can take the first few steps in making this vast field more accessible to students & overall improve the quality of resources in this sector.

I am looking forward to working with the rest of my team; Elliot Xiao, Eloise Dwyer, Josephine Vu, Justin Yuen, Leon Salsiccia, Michelle L, Oliver Sarker, Sean Tran, & Yashvi Luthra. I am truly grateful and proud to be working along with you guys & am confident this team has the right people to make this society flourish. I'd like to thank you guys for putting your faith in me and electing me as the Vice-President of this society, I'm looking forward to seeing what the future awaits.